myMetier – our method for learning

Project management is one of the most important disciplines for most of our customers. These customers tell us that our training solutions enhance their ability to execute projects. This tells us that we are successful in delivering effective and relevant training and that participants are able to apply their newly gained knowledge and skills in practice. The consequence of this positive outcome is that operational results improve, our customers’ customers become more satisfied and our customers improve their profitability.

Learning is not just about knowledge transfer, but the transfer of knowledge that leads to a change in behaviour. The learning process is also understanding when your newly gained knowledge and skills can be applied in practice in order to do a better job.

Learning is the core of our business. Metier Academy has worked with different learning approaches over time and has continually adapted the approach to developments in society and work life. Today we are convinced that effective learning amongst people with demanding jobs works most effectively if:

  • The content of the course is cutting-edge and challenges both beginners and experienced project managers
  • Learning can take place when you have time and are feeling motivated. This means that online learning will be a key part of the training
  • Learning takes place over time and in parallel with practical project work. When you learn, you need time to digest the information so that you can effectively relate theory to your practical every day. We have therefore developed courses that can be executed in modules, as parts of a training programme. The different modules build upon each other and are directed towards practical challenges in projects.
  • Efficient pedagogical methods. All our online courses are divided into lessons, each with defined learning objectives that are reflected in the theory of the lesson, a practical example is given, case studies cited, checklists, pitfalls, and quizzes and to complete each lesson, a final evaluation of the learning objectives.
  • The learning provides personal incentives such as credits, certifications and great opportunities for career development.
  • The provider of training is a leader in this field and a supplier who is recognized for high quality. Participants should be proud to include the provider of their training on their CV or LinkedIn profile.

Metier Academy can help individuals and businesses achieve their goals through professional training in project management that pays back in the real-life execution of projects. Our organization has constant focus on ensuring we are at the forefront professionally, pedagogically and technologically. We focus on the positive effect from learning for our customers. This provides profitable projects and satisfied customers. 

Why online learning?

Metier’s online training programmes in project management allow the customer to tailor their learning to their every day challenges and needs. You can study when and where it suits you. You have access to content-rich lessons and relevant tasks that enables you to tie together theory and practice, whether you are working or have other obligations.

Advantages of online learning:

  • Availability. You can study when and where you want. After enrolling in a course, study or certification you get access to our learning portal, called ‘myMetier’. Here sits all the study material and practical information available to you at any time.
  • Flexibility. Online study makes it possible to take courses and study when you have time – in parallel to your work. When you have a couple of hours free or are commuting to and from work.
  • Online mentor. All our online study is supported by an online mentor. The online mentor is available to answer both technical and practical queries.
  • Your own pace. Together with Metier you can study at your own pace. Whether you are working towards certification, gaining a university degree or just doing a course, you can determine your own progress plan and have access to all of the course material until you are finished.